Christine Janin

1997 França
Förening A chacun son Everest 19, rue du Pré de Challes Arc de Jade 74940 Telefon:

The woman
Christine is not afraid of anything. In 1990, she was the first French lady to climb Everest. Fond of extreme conditions, in 1997 she was the first woman in the world to reach the North Pole without any mechanical equipment or sled dogs. She decided to share her passion with children affected by cancer.

Her fight: « A chacun son Everest »
Since its creation in 1994, many children with cancer have been able to "reach their own summit" during special climbing activities organized throughout the year. The children's chalet was inaugurated in Chamonix in 2001 and is always full, also opening its doors to other associations.

What about now?
Today, Christine is in contact with more than 20 hospitals. Over 300 children have left their hospital rooms to climb the summits, in the course of 13 internships organized in Chamonix. The chalet is open throughout the year and welcomes other associations.