Europe - Hazelnut

STOP NO.: Europe

A treasure for the skin.

NAME: Hazelnut
LATIN NAME: Coryllus avellana
LOCATION: France, Turkey
TYPE: Large shrub

Hazelnut is in the air!

The hazelnut tree (also called hazel) is a large shrub that grows in woods and hedgerows, and is very common in European forests. Linked to Celtic tradition, it was believed to have all sorts of magical powers: it symbolised fertility because of its abundant production of fruits – hazelnuts –, it allowed one to find gold and water, and even encouraged romantic love. A fluid, fine, edible oil is extracted from hazelnuts, which is used in cooking for its delicate flavour.



Traditionally, hazelnut oil is used for its high fatty acid content, which helps to nourish the skin and protect it from dehydration.

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