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Name: Tamarind
Latin name: Tamarindus indica
Location: India
Type: Tree
Part(s) used: Fruit pulp

A noble tree of wisdom

Originally from East Africa, Tamarind has gradually spread to semi-arid and tropical regions. Its beautiful, widely spread crown offers cool shade conducive to the rest and the sharing of wisdom from elders, hence its status as a sacred tree in some regions of Africa. While its leaves are known for soothing the spirit, all of the parts of the tree have recognised therapeutic properties (antiseptic, digestive, fever-reducing). As for its dietary uses, Tamarind fruit contains a pulp with a tangy flavour within its brown pods that serves as a base for refreshing beverages.

Cosmetic effectiveness

Gentle organic exfoliation

Traditionally, the acid from Tamarind pulp derived from the fruit of the Tamarind tree has been used for its exfoliating properties.

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