Cheryl Pratley

2005 África do Sul
Förening Shepherd's Keep 1195 Bluff Road Marlborough Park, Bluff 4052 Telefon: +27314666106

The woman
Retired and in her mid-60s, Cheryl approached the Department of Welfare to be screened as a crisis and foster parent, and was approved. Cheryl's vision was a proper baby home with rooms fitted with the necessary medical equipment for care of HIV-positive babies. Michelle, Cheryl's daughter, left a high-flying career to fund-raise for Shepherd's Keep.

Her fight: « Shepherd's Keep »
Shepherd's Keep is the clinic Cheryl Pratley and her husband Colin have created in Durban, for tiny babies who have been abandoned by their mothers. The building is extraordinary (long, with high-ceilings and filled with light, fresh air and bright coloured pots) but the peacefulness has more to do with the feeling of being in safe hands.

What about now?
Shepherd's Keep can accommodate more than 60 infants. It has all the equipment needed to keep them alive – even an incubator for premature babies.